Debt Write Off

Our average debt write-off is £70,000

Our service is 100% confidential, accredited & authorised

Currently helping 410 landlords with over £28,350,000 of debt

Highest success rate of any company with 124 cases settled in 2016

If You Have Property In Negative Equity And Need To Sell, What Are Your Options?

Selling a property in negative equity and settling the shortfall (remaining balance) has several names, including an ‘Informal Settlement’, ‘Debt Write Off’ or ‘Full and Final Settlement.’

Debt Write Off

| Overview

If you feel stuck with a property you no longer want, or if you have a rental property that no longer makes financial sense, then this approach has many benefits.

Landlord Debt Advisory is the market leader with this type of innovative debt solution. We have negotiated on behalf of hundreds of our clients, resulting in millions of pounds of debt being written off.

| The stats:

Up to April 2018, we have completed:

· Cases Settled 281
· 361 property sales
· Over £21,334,507 million in debt written off for our clients
· Average debt write off £75,923
· Average fee for a settlement £4,300, which includes £300* case review fee (*fees have risen to £495 from early 2019)

The level of debt written off will depend on your overall financial circumstance and the lender which holds your mortgage.

The team at Landlord Debt Advisory include finance, banking and insolvency professionals with decades of experience. We are the best-placed in this industry to review your situation and to recommend a plan of action for the way forward.

| How can we help you now?

Sale and settlement – We have successfully negotiated 100s of cases every year whereby our clients’ property were sold and an affordable debt settlement was agreed. Does this sound like something you need to find out about? Call 0161 222 4311 or fill in the form for a call-back.

Have your property investment dreams turned into a nightmare?

Even the best property investments can fail, often for reasons beyond an investor’s control.
If you are a landlord with investment properties that are no longer viable due to negative equity, Section 24 tax changes, or an inability to refinance, we can help.

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