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Landlord Debt Advisory

Our average debt write-off is £70,000

Our service is 100% confidential, accredited & authorised

Currently helping 410 landlords with over £28,350,000 of debt

Highest success rate of any company with 124 cases settled in 2016

Even the best property investments can fail, often for reasons beyond an investor’s control.

If you are a landlord with investment properties that are no longer viable due to negative equity, Section 24 tax changes, or an inability to refinance, we can help!

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Bespoke expert property debt solutions for landlords

Landlord Debt Advisory are the only property debt specialists operating in the UK who are authorised and regulated by both the FCA and Chartered Accountancy Regulatory Board.

Do you qualify for a Negative Equity debt write-off?

Answer these 7 questions.

Question 1

Has a lack of equity prevented you from selling “problem” properties?

Question 2

Would cash-flow problems such as falling rents or void periods cause you financial hardship?

Question 3

Will the new buy-to-let tax (section 24) cause your properties to lose money?

Question 4

Will the PRA lending rules make it impossible for you to refinance?

Question 5

Are your interest only terms ending soon and you have no way to repay?

Question 6

Is your portfolio still in negative equity from the 2008 property crash?

Question 7

Are you an “Accidental Landlord” with a problem property?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, fill in the form today to speak to an adviser…we can help.

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