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What our customers say:

A big thank you to the Landlord Debt Advisory team. You are very understanding and very patient! £80,000 of bad debt gone! As promised, I’ve recommended 2 colleagues who will need your help.

F.S. Liverpool

Thanks for helping me out of debt. The properties were causing a lot of stress as well as unnecessary cost. When I realised I’d have a £176,000 shortfall after the properties were sold I knew they’d never break-even in my lifetime. The service offered here has made a huge difference to my life and I’m glad it’s now all behind me. The settlement deal achieved was very fair and has allowed me to look forward. High recommended.

B.L Sheffield

When I read about the buy-to-let tax changes for 2017 I panicked and went to see my Accountant. When we did the numbers keeping my houses was a complete waste of time. This tax is totally unfair and squeezes people like me who have a decent “day job” as well. My Accountant recommended Landlord Debt Advisory. The completed a report on my situation with information from me and my Accountant and it was clear selling up was the way forward. The problem was I had no equity. Landlord Debt Advisory negotiated all of the sales (8) and a settlement plan for the £57,000 shortfall. I ended up paying back £17,000 which got me out of the nightmare. Very approachable and helpful.

T D Co Durham

I had 11 properties, several of which were “treading water”, in that the interest rates were so low that I could afford to keep them right now, but long term the negative equity was going to prevent me from either keeping them or selling them at a price high enough to clear the debt. Landlord Debt Advisory completed a review of my portfolio and recommended I sell the problem 3 and retain the rest. I did this and have never looked back. The worry is gone and I was able to reach an affordable settlement for the shortfalls. Long term cash-flow prospects are really good. Landlord Debt Advisory were absolutely brilliant, I’ve already recommended two friends in a similar situation.

G.S. Manchester

Have your property investment dreams turned into a nightmare?

Even the best property investments can fail, often for reasons beyond an investor’s control.
If you are a landlord with investment properties that are no longer viable due to negative equity, Section 24 tax changes, or an inability to refinance, we can help.

I visited my mortgage broker to refinance 4 properties onto better rates. The rents ad fallen and I really needed to reduce costs. The new lending rules wouldn’t allow me to do this. My broker tried everything he could to help but to no avail. He then recommended I speak to Landlord Debt Advisory. They advised me to sell two of the properties to release some equity. I was then able to refinance and keep one. The fourth property was in negative equity and losing money. The negotiated with my lender to sell this and settle the “negative equity” (negative equity after sale £32,000, Settlement paid £14,200). Highly recommended.”

W. P. Leeds

I had a small block of flats which were causing me a problem. It was virtually impossible to let them all consistently. Between void periods, maintenance costs and mortgage payments I was really under a lot of pressure. Landlord Debt Advisory were excellent. They told me exactly what I needed to do then did it for me. All 12 flats were sold. There were mortgage shortfalls of over £108,000 combined. I also had 3 credit cards with £24,000 on them. Landlord Debt Advisory told me to package all of the debt together and do one settlement (IVA). In all there were 6 creditors, 3 mortgage, 3 credit cards. They settled the debt for me for £25,200. Very professional, very knowledgeable. I’m mostly pleased because I was able to do this and keep my home, which was always my main worry. Thanks a million.

G.W. Manchester

Before I found these guys I got a lot of conflicting information. How different it was with Landlord Debt Advisory! These people really, really know their stuff. They handled the lenders’ never-ending letters and requests for information and I was able to get rid of my under-performing portfolio and settle the negative equity for 23% of the debt. Great result, top service.

M.S. Belfast

Landlord Debt Advisory really know their stuff. I’d been struggling on with problem tenants for years and actually my properties were losing me money. I’d hoped refurbishing the properties and changing management agents would fix things. All this did was get me deeper into debt. Landlord Debt Advisory helped me get rid of the problem. I sold my properties and now I’m debt and hassle-free.

L M Stevenage

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